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Elienated - 24 hours is a ZUHAUSE product. Want to know more? Go to Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! Just send an email to Copyright: Stichting ZUHAUSE

Hi! So nice that you will be joining Eliënated - 24 hours. We (ZUHAUSE) are an artist collective, currently travelling across Europe in a search for Humanity. With ‘Eliënated 24 hours’ we would like to share the stories of people we meet on the road.

By subscribing you will receive an interactive story for 24 hours in which you can connect with someone we have met - a person somewhere in Europe whom you most likely have never met before. All you have to do is stay online.

You will automatically receive a new story as soon as we upload one. Don’t want to? Just type /unsubscribe in your Telegram chat window.

Eliënated - 24 hours is a ZUHAUSE product, part of her larger project called ÉLIËN.

Connect. Be Eliënated.

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